You know the drill: the kids get home from school and head straight for the kitchen.

You’ve been doing well on your diet program, but the pizza rolls and cookies are so tempting.

Sticking to a healthy eating plan doesn’t mean you can’t join the kids for an after-school snack… you just have to be prepared!

Here are four easy snacks you can whip up in a flash with ingredients you probably have in your fridge and pantry.

1. Cheese and Grapes
Halve about a cup of mixed red and purple grapes, slice up some reduced fat cheese, and you are ready to go. Just be careful to watch the serving sizes of cheese for you and the kids—it’s easy to overdo. Grapes contain antioxidants which ward off cancer and heart disease. Plus, the protein makes the snack more filling which helps with portion control.

2. Celery Sticks with Sunflower Seed Butter
This is a great way to add some fiber to your family’s diet. Spread 2 tablespoons of sunflower seed butter on crunchy celery stalks. This peanut butter substitute is loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants, and celery is a good source of blood building vitamin K and blood pressure regulating potassium. Try it with other nut butters as well or get nostalgic and throw on a few raisins for ants on a log!

3. Strawberry-Banana Smoothie
In your blender combine ½ cup of strawberries (fresh or frozen), 1 small slice of banana, ½ cup of low fat yogurt, and ½ cup of skim milk and blend them until frothy. It’s a potassium powerhouse folks, and also good for lowering your blood pressure. Plus, it tastes great, so the kids will love it.

4. Peanut Butter on a Banana
Just couldn’t get any better than this, simply spread a tablespoon of creamy natural peanut butter on a banana cut in half lengthwise. Peanut butter is rich in heart-healthy fats and a dose of protein to satisfy you and the banana’s a good source of potassium, fiber, and even a little vitamin C.

Quick afternoon snacking doesn’t have to mean high fat, high calorie, processed junk! What are your favorite healthy snacks? Post your recipes in the comments below!

Here’s to healthy snacking and dropping those extra pounds!
–Your SkinnyU Wellness Experts